How To
Get Into Berghain

Attention, Clubbers of The World
"Secrets of Getting into Berlin's
Techno Temple... Exposed!"

By: Max Wunderbar
Berlin, June 2018

Hello Clubber,

If you'd love to get into the world's most famous techno-temple, known as Club Berghain... then you're going to freak over what I have to share with you here:

Over the years, I spent thousands of hours inside Berghain. I became friends with some of it's staff members. Enemy with others.

Based on my experience and insider information, I created this page for you, the clubber, who loves to dance and wants to feel part of a unique club & music experience.  Only in Berlin my friend!

The Planet's #1 Clubbing Experience

Imagine: You are in Berlin, it's a Friday or Saturday night and you are all excited about going to Berghain. You feel this could be one of the most amazing nights of your life.

You ARE looking forward to dance the night(s) away, grooving to music, presented by the Top (underground) DJ's this planet has to offer. 

The resident DJ's pump out their out-of-this-world sounds through the club's sound system: Funktion-One ®. This famous High-End Sound System is highly praised by Audio-Philes who like their dance music fired with the highest quality Sound Waves possible.

Tony AndrewsCreator of Berghain Funktion-One ® Sound System

We pay considerable attention to the emotional effect of not just music, but the sound itself.  On a spiritual level, good music and good sound has the effect of opening peoples' minds and deepening their consciousness which can only be good for the planet.

Participants not Spectators

Just you know, this Berlin club is definitly not a place 'to see and to be seen'. the  mature crowd is mainly interested in dancing to the exquisite Techno and House music vibes.

Just like you would... If only.... you could get in :( which is very hard... sometimes next to impossible.

If you want to enter Club Berghain and experience the deep emotional effect of dancing to it's magnificent Sound System, then you first have to face the club’s 'terrifying' gatekeepers of the magical techno kingdom...

Being Rejected at the Berghain Door
....ain't no Party for your feelings!

Entrance door to Berghain

There you are... all psyched up to enter the club ... nervously waiting in line..  

... standing in...  what seems to be the longest queue ever ... this can be a real challenge and take up hours of precious clubbing time... with no guaranty getting in...

... do make sure you and/of your friends are (reasonably) sober. Leave the bottles with alcoholic beverages at home my friend! 

You, passing a bottle around, will be surely noticed by the bouncers and will result, in being send away, simply refused at the door: without one word spoken

WHEN you get rejected at the door, you are forced to walk back along the whole waiting line. Hundreds of people will stare at you, see you as just another 'Reject' and will laugh at you and your friends. This really sucks and is extra painful after you just got denied from the night you have been dreaming about. 

On the door (behind the bouncer) hangs a 'DJ Time Table'. Do your homework and get familiar with the DJ's performing that night. The bouncer might ask you why you are there. Reply to his question: "I'm here to see DJ -X- " Berghain regulars are well informed about DJ Time Tables, they care about music and will know what's up that night.

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Helena Rogohova

WE MADE IT!!! 3 times in a row!)) Thank you so much Max!

... Incredible place, incredible atmosphere, incredible people & music!! 

can't wait to be back in this magical place of love, freedom and happiness!

Yours truly, Helena

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"Why is this different to what I can find elsewhere on the internet?"

Please read all the information on other websites. You will notice that there is lot of contradicting opinions on how to get into Berghain. You'll read a lot of nonsense too ("wear a scarf" wtf?)

This guide is based on insider information, straight from the source. And not from 'Angelo' from Italy who was lucky enough to get into Berghain -once- during his Berlin weekend-trip. 

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Ask yourself: Do you REALLY want to get inside Berghain? Or do you prefer to be send away, after a long wait in the cold, to end up in Berghain-Reject club Watergate, which is a tourist trap, filled with not-so-cool people and an average sound system. The choice is yours!

Good luck my friend,
Max Wunderbar

2017 © Max Wunderbar

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